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The fees for using NATO Mail forwarding service are as follows:

Annual Fee For Primary User


Six-month Fee For Primary User


Three-month fee (minimum) for primary user


Fee For Associate(s) (per associate)


Spouse, other family members, business names, etc. must each be enrolled as an associate member.
Above fees are non-refundable.

Required Minimum Postage Deposit


Replenish account as needed to maintain minimum deposit.

Each primary user is required to make a minimum $35.00 deposit (more may be deposited if desired or if you feel it is necessary) in advance, for postage. Charges debited to your account for mailings are actual postage plus a 40% service charge.  Minimum service charge is $3.00. You will receive a monthly statement showing the activity on your account and any balance due to maintain the required postage deposit.


To start your service, simply fill out the registration form found in the Info Pack and a Postal Form 1583 (required by the Post Office), and along with a copy of two forms of ID (one with a picture), return them to us with your check or money order for the appropriate amount or if you prefer, we also take credit cards. When we receive your forms and funds, you are set up in our mailroom and can immediately begin having your mail sent to this address.  We can also, if necessary, set up your account over the phone and you can begin using the service that same day. Inform all your correspondents, friends, banks, magazines, insurance companies, etc. of your new address.

Providing mail forwarding services for over 50 years!!